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Todo cambia….

Waxing half-moon                                                The end of August as the leaves begin to turn…  2017 It’s been quite the … Continue reading

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No one seemed angry. As a matter of fact, this group was particularly…Nice. With a capital “n”…. Smiling, polite, helpful, tidy….hmmmm. It was only the occasional twitch of a jaw muscle, or the tone of voice that wobbled a smidgen … Continue reading

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A Blessèd Solstice to All…. I have noticed that for the past 3 years, people arriving for the Summer Solstice celebrations at HeartRoot have been bone-tired – exhausted in a deep, structural way. The frayed and patched belief systems that … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: The Torah of Oneness

  This is a course I will be giving this autumn in the West Island of Montreal: Lost  in Translation:    The Torah of Oneness We are becoming growingly aware that our written history is far from complete, far from accurate, … Continue reading

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